Arundel Looney Bin Adjustable Bike Cage with UltraPress (Coyote Brown) / Front View
Arundel Looney Bin Adjustable Bike Cage / For GeoPress, UltraPress, and UltraPress Titanium / Black / Front View
Arundel Looney Bin Adjustable Bike Cage with GeoPress (Covert Black) / Front View

Adjustable Looney Bin Bike Cage

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It's the perfect bottle cage for a Grayl. The Arundel® Looney Bin adjustable bike cage is equipped with a click wheel adjuster and tactile grip-lock to securely transport your GeoPress or UltraPress on a long gravel ride for endless river fill-ups!

Gravel riding with Looney Bin Bike Cage
as fits perfect in Arundel® Adjustable Looney Bin bike bottle cage. Bali Blue GeoPress on gravel bike along river's edge.
UltraPress is also a great fit in the cage.

24oz GeoPress®

Need a bit more water between breaks at the river's edge or a fountain on your ride? With the adjustable fit of the Looney Bin Bike Cage, practically all vessels will be secured and ready for the ride.


16.9oz UltraPress®

Fair to say it's pretty awesome to have the flexibility of taking our large or smaller capacity filter bottles out on a ride. Try out the UltraPress Mojave Red on your next Gravel adventure.